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Business Development

Sponsorship Coach provides a business development outsourcing service.

We can either work within an existing team or independently spearheading your organization`s approach to connect with Brands.


With over 30 years within the sponsorship industry, we are not just experienced in what brands want we are connected to the decision makers. But we take a strategic approach to any sales brief making sure that you see the big picture rather than short-term fixes.


For rights holders and agencies seeking brand relationships to improve their business growth, Sponsorship Coach provides specific bespoke coaching and mentoring from entry level to highly experienced industry practitioners.

As such we analyze, critique or create your business development process focusing on your:

  • - Goals and objectives
  • - Proposition identifying market appeal and value
  • - Asset scoping & pricing
  • - Sales campaign planning
    •    - Target audience identification
    •    - Collateral creation
    •    - Lead generation
    •    - Prospecting
    •    - Initial Contact
    •    - Pitching / Presenting
    •    - Negotiating
    •    - Contracting
    •    - Partnership Management
    •    - Measurement


We have successfully been supporting organizations deliver commercial value into their businesses since our inception so if you would like to understand more about how we can support your business please contact us.