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Sponsorship ROI is the one thing that board Directors and Shareholders expect but seldom have delivered. But have you ever considered why?

  • Perceived to be too expensive
  • Takes too much time to deliver
  • It is too complicated to deliver
  • The Partnerships Team don’t know how to report it
  • No access to the right measurement tools
  • The business is too complex to navigate it
  • Other business functions don’t see it as a priority
  • It was an afterthought

With the sponsorship & brand partnership industry expected to reach $70bn dollars by 2020 it’s staggering to see the relatively few brands that report the impact of their investment. In fact, the IEG Sponsorship report shows that over three quarters (78%) of brands do little to no evaluation on their investments and that the sponsorship industry requires a fierce wake up call to address this issue.

So having a forum for this type of discussion will be extremely beneficial for the industry. In February 2019 in London, Sponsorship ROI Exposed will bring the industry together to share leading insights, how to define, measure and demonstrate ROI across all level and genre of sponsorship and brand partnerships.

Sponsorship ROI Exposed The summit is the first event to focus on fixing the issue around sponsorship measurement within the industry. By taking a lead role in driving industry best-practice, I will bring together the best practitioners from leading brands in one room to solve a collective issue of ROI analysis and measurement, with the goal of creating a common set of practices and a process for effective sponsorship ROI evaluation.

Many brands and rights holders just don’t know where to start when it comes to effectively measuring the ROI of their programmes. This may be due to a lack of capability and know how, accessing the relevant tools or having the right support network. Sponsorship ROI Exposed will help the industry overcome these challenges and ultimately understand the correlation between sponsorship driven brand awareness, familiarity, consideration, loyalty and most importantly, business performance.

The aim is to ensure that we move from a world where measurement is no longer seen as post-sponsorship activity but one that is integrated from the beginning so that brands can see the ROI from their sponsorship investments be that good or bad using a common process that works for all.

For more details about the summit and how you can attend or be part of the event please get in touch and check out the Sponsorship ROI Exposed website.