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It’s the subject that nobody ever wants to debate because it`s seen as too complex, but at SPONSORSHIP ROI EXPOSED SUMMIT we will be and as one of our delegates said recently “it has got to be the Summit of the year”!

With just a week to go, we have 11 tickets left to attend the SPONSORSHIP ROI EXPOSED SUMMIT.

With a speaker line up of subject matter experts rather than industry mouthpieces, the summit will debate, discuss and challenge on some of the key issues facing the sponsorship industry:

· What is true ROI?

· What is the process that can report business impact?

· Does that process fit all sponsorship genre; Arts, Music, Sport, Participation etc?

· Who is responsible, and what are the responsibilities of rights holders and agencies?

· Can small budget sponsorship be evaluated?

· Is ROI necessary or can ROO fulfil the boardroom needs?

· How can rights holders use measurement and evaluation to build asset value?

· How can you monetise your audience?

If understanding how to deliver value into your partnerships or if any of these challenges resonate with you, sign up quickly as the tickets will soon be gone.

For tickets & more informations go to: SPONSORSHIP ROI EXPOSED tickets