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Our Brand promise is “To constantly strive
to deliver value to our audiences”.

Training and coaching

Our team of professional coaches are trained to help you identify your challenges in each specific area you require development in. We take a diagnostic approach of analysis to clarifying your knowledge and capability before scoping your training. We agree a plan with you that meets your exact needs before deploying the Coaching.


Our training is designed to be practical, experiential and motivating. We use both your and our experiences to illustrate best practice and interactive methods that stimulates your creative thinking as we share knowledge.


Our own business offer includes some high-impact business areas:



Business Development

Sponsorship Coach provides a business development outsourcing service.

We can either work within an existing team or independently spearheading your organisations approach to connect with Brands.

With over 30 years within the sponsorship industry we are not just experienced in what brands want we are connected to the decision makers. But we take a strategic approach to any sales brief making sure that you see the big picture rather than short term fixes.

For rights holders and agencies seeking brand relationships to improve their business growth, Sponsorship Coach provides specific bespoke coaching and mentoring from entry level to highly experienced industry practitioners.

As such we analyse, critique or create your business development process focusing on your:

  • Goals and objectives
  • Proposition identifying market appeal and value
  • Asset scoping & pricing
  • Sales campaign planning
    • Target audience identification
    • Collateral creation
    • Lead generation
    • Prospecting
    • Initial Contact
    • Pitching / Presenting
    • Negotiating
    • Contracting
    • Partnership Management
    • Measurement

We have successfully been supporting organisations deliver commercial value into their businesses since our inception so if you would like to understand more about how we can support your business please contact us.


Knowing how to negotiate can impact success even before you get to discussing final terms in a contract. Sponsorship Coach has an industry expert to train you and your teams through RFP’s, Procurement Teams and those awkward prospective or existing clients.

Understanding Corporate Processes

Corporate decision making can be a minefield to those outside of the internal process. We have the experience of working within highly complex international organisations to help you understand, and support your internal stakeholders, but ultimately navigate to swifter decisions that impact your business.


Understanding the triggers that will impact your client-side or even internal stakeholders can greatly affect business performance. The art of stakeholder management is driven by “Influencing”, and the Sponsorship Coach team have much sought after experience in as well as the methodology in navigating.

Brand auditing, planning and deployment

Sometimes we’re so close to our own story that it’s hard to define the elements that really cut through. At Sponsorship Coach we take both a diagnostic and emotional view of your brand and the story you are telling we play back to you its true attractiveness to your consumers or customers. We then advise you to create or improve your own strategy and delivery to impact your audiences.

Sponsorship & Brand Partnership Strategy

With over 30 years’ experience maximising partnerships spanning FIFA to local community, and working within global corporations, rights holders and marketing agencies we understand every aspect of creating a sponsorship strategy to meet your goals.

Our tried and tested approach covers: identifying the role for your sponsorship, objective setting, portfolio auditing, strategy creation & writing, activation planning, property identification, negotiation, implementation efficiency & resourcing, delivery and measurement; evaluation and reporting.

Whether you require help in your strategy creation, implementation or support in a specific element of the process, we have proven credentials to help you.