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It`s not often you leave a workshop inspired to this level,
armed with “how to do” knowledge and a plan to deliver!”

Derek, Managing Director, sponsorship agency


Do you and your team always leave training courses motivated but non the wiser, finding that when back in the office you’ve forgotten most of what you have been trained to do?

Unfortunately, within sponsorship there is a trend of ‘industry experts’ jumping on the band wagon of sharing nothing more than second hand knowledge and tips. Useful that this may seem at the time, scientific research conducted over 60 years shows that 87% of workplace learning is lost within 30 days if not reinforced, and that the “forgetting curve” may be even more dramatic with nearly 70% of learning lost on the very day its delivered.

At Sponsorship Coach we turn all knowledge transfer in to components beginning with modest pre-work that is stimulating, engaging and absorbing. This frees up costly and prolonged classroom time for understanding the application of knowledge through experiential simulations and networking to provoke knowledge sharing by authentic coaching.

Sponsorship Coach delivers this with an approach of one to one reinforcement ensuring that individual goals and specific challenges are taken into consideration. We pre-assess every one of our programme attendees understanding their level of experience, knowledge and capabilities. We understand individual needs, addressing them across the full course content so that when you leave you are fully prepared for your challenges head.

Our courses and workshop programmes are delivered as either open courses run regularly or bespoke courses for individual organisations.


Music plays an influential role in many aspects of our lives, which is why brands strive to attach themselves to its emotional and authentic outputs. 


The challenge is that few people really understand how to infiltrate the music industry to negotiate the best partnership.


In this workshop Sponsorship Coach are presenting best in class music & entertainment partnerships expert, Theo Gupta, who will break through the complexities of the music eco system. 


Hosted at the iconic music venue, The Ministry of Sound, London, Theo will share and demonstrate:

  • how music can influence your audiences
  • what can an artist do for your campaign?
  • how to choose an artist that is right for your campaign
  • where to go to get the rights you need to have in place for a campaign
  • how to approach artists and their representatives
  • how to negotiate the best deal for your campaign
  • what assets you need to do to deliver your campaign successfully
  • how to demonstrate an ROI from a campaign


Theo taps into the insights, experience, and knowledge he has from working for music labels, artist management and importantly brand side, creating, negotiating and delivering partnerships for brands such as T-Mobile, Nokia, and Microsoft with some of the biggest acts in music, including Rhianna, Calvin Harris, deadmau5, Green Day.


This workshop is designed to unlock the value of music for brands, agencies and those in the music industry wishing to connect themselves to brand partners.


This 1 day workshop is a fully interactive session. It will be hosted by The Ministry of Sound, London, on Friday 25th November 2017


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Less than 2% of those selling sponsorship or agency services have had any kind of sponsorship or sales training. So its not surprising brands put up such impenetrable defenses to approaches.



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Somehow the evolution of power-point has killed the art of presenting. This course redresses the balance of presenting to truly impact using the power of influencing. The skills and techniques taught in this course include NLP and recent neuro-scientific techniques to hone your ability to communicate, engage and excite your audiences.

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The value of negotiation skills goes way beyond agreeing the terms and conditions of a contract. Negotiation impacts many areas of your business world, from minor conflict management through to high-value commercial agreements.


Sponsorship Coach has a team of negotiation masters that have worked within global agencies, sports & charity rights holder and international brands negotiating 100’s of significant contracts across each of these sectors. These best practise techniques are honed to form a powerful approach that can be applied across the sponsorship industry at multiple levels.

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In this Sponsorship Coach course the process of sponsorship and brand partnership is explained and trained to fledgling marketers. We take you through the full sponsorship cycle via a set of applied modules from the theory through to objective setting, strategy creation, planning, creating your story, audience engagement & implementation, measurement, evaluation & reporting. Our coaches are from leading brands and agencies that have used latest thinking and industry innovation that is passed to you through using powerful cases studies and role plays.

The outputs of this course go beyond basic training, stimulating attendees’ creativity, motivation and energy to flourish back within their business environment.

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For budding subject matter experts this course is designed to challenge and improve your approach to sponsorship, taking you to the next level.


We interrogate the role of sponsorship and brand partnerships, share how strategies are created to meet the goals, show how to plan before you buy, identify the audiences to affect your results, reveal the data “mine shaft” – where to look and how to use it, illustrate how to inspire your audiences to create brand love, share best practise of how to implement programmes from local to global, how to create your team making it fit for purpose, and how to measure, evaluate and deliver ROI & ROO.


This advanced-level course is for marketers seeking improvement through best practise from innovators of the industry that apply professional coaching techniques. The outputs will allow attendees to substantially impact the performance of their sponsorships or rights and as such is targeted at brands, rights holders and agencies.

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…Surprisingly different, inspiring with incredible insight from someone so passionate about doing it the right way!


Director, Theatre

…I’m no longer intimidated contacting potential sponsors!


Business Development Manager, Agency

…Amazing insight & experiences shared!


Director National Sports Organisation

…Now I know what I’ve been do wrong all these years.


Commercial Manager, Football Club

…Very inspired & keen to put it into action!.


CEO, Sports Association

…The workshop really was fantastic from start to finish!


CEO, Sports Association

…The most useful workshop I have had the opportunity to attend!


Commercial Director, National Governing Body

…It was very Engaging, relevant, knowledgeable!


International Marketing Conference

…Fantastic insight - eye opening!


National Children’s Charity